Bossieveld Craft Gin - The Spirit of the Great Karoo

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Great Karoo Spirit Bossie Veld Gin

The unique botanical infusion of bouquets and flavours of our gins is winning followers and awards around the world. And with good reason…

This unusual confluence of the purest gin and earthy botanicals is the result of two things: our founding partners’ love and intimate knowledge of fragrant Karoo bossies (low-growing indigenous shrubs), and our inspired determination to create an exceptional craft gin.

Distilling the furtive blends of bossies into the gin creates a kaleidoscope of aromas and tastes so complex, it’s not easily described.


Bossieveld Mystique Craft Gin

Bossieveld Mystique Gin

It's a great Mystique of the Great Karoo: how can a lowly shrub like the Karoobossie yield such richly aromatic botanicals?



Bossieveld Inspiration Craft Gin

Bossieveld Inspiration Gin

This hand-crafted gin is delightful proof that great Inspiration comes from…. Karoobossies. These hardy little fragrant bossies (bushes) grow only on ...



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